Heirloom revisited

The work below is entitled “Heirloom” and is probably the last artwork of mine that will published in Malate Literary Folio (at least as a member). It’s currently one of my favourite works and last time I checked it is still being displayed at Exile on Main Street bar & restaurant.

Left: ‘Hairloom’ (2010), Watercolours on thick sketchpad paper || Right: ‘Heirloom’ (2012), Mixed media collage on wood panel

To those who are now familiar with how my process in making a/an drawing/painting/collage/artwork go I like creating works which prod the viewers to close-read it to make sense of it. I love surrealism and the philosophy behind the art movement, in addition I often enjoy works which present something perhaps only found inhabiting ones dreams or imagination. Most of the time when people ask me what is the meaning behind my painting I often reply back with the same question, ‘what do you think it means?’. Normally I just do this because I love hearing what other get out of my work, but another reason is to see whether or not my own personal concept has translated well onto the piece itself. In the case of “Heirloom” I have heard only one or two interpretations of the work and I was glad to hear their ideas were quite in-line with my original concept. It makes me feel that I did a good job in portraying my feelings in an image.

Another reason why I’m fond with this work is because it was one of the few revised artworks I have done which does not look like a cleaned-up second copy of the the original work. If you look back and forth from the original work done in 2010 to the final 2012 work the only thing that seems the same is the fact that the older man’s beard grows into the younger man’s hair, and the use of the sun-halo behind both figures. Everything else on the other hand has changed from the colours, their faces, and the position of younger man has changed. Okay, on one hand the original does not look that different from its original concept. However, for me this is a big change. Normally when I’m asked to revise I just fix those things which I was asked to fix be it colours, position of a hand, etc. And in the end those revisions look exactly like the first artwork just with perhaps one or two minor alterations. Heirloom was different and I’m quite happy about it and it makes me want to revise more old artworks and see what I can come up with.




Remil posted a link yesterday followed by a cheesy line so here’s my in retaliation but on WordPress because facebook is just too big a space to share this.

Other things I could’ve put in the speech bubble:
“If my penis drawings get me accused for commiting cybercrime you’d visit me, right?” “Yeah.”
“Your mouth smells like your breakfast.” “Why thank you.”

“I can see boogers in your nose.” “Fuck you.”

Commissions and bumhood and trying to lose weight

When was the last time I got into blogging? I don’t know, if you don’t count out the playlist-that-never-was posts (which I still have yet to finish due to my forgetfulness and aptitude for not finishing what I start) the last time I updated this blog was a while back. My lack of activeness is mostly due to the lack of illustrations and other works I’ve been producing on my own accord. It’s not artist’s block of anything, rather it’s my lack of willpower to get off my butt and just draw, draw, draw or paint, paint, paint. It’s a bit unsettling, actually.

Given that I’ve been taken on two random commissions. One to do a logo for a friend’s bakeshop and the other to draw up my my other friend’s cover for his steampunk album. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I believe art should be done for profit or material gain, the commissions just help give me structure and motivation (in the form of deadlines and cheesecake-pie as pay) to actually produce something. Maybe it’s the fact that for the past 3 (if not 4) years I’ve gotten used to the system of the publication I was in which worked on more or less strict deadlines and an environment which bred this habit of always wanting to make something. With graduation being ten days away I somewhat shudder at the idea of being in this constant dry spell once I get my diploma. So here’s to hoping those two commissions and my promise to Joelle to make ACEO cards (which is actually underway because I started cutting up paper) will get me back into the groove.

I haven’t seen familiar faces (mostly those of my female wunderkind friends) in a while too. This bums me out. If I haven’t seen your face in a while don’t worry, I’m trying to update myself by reading/lurking around your blog. If you don’t have one then I’m probably lurking around your facebook profile. Ha ha.

In other news, I’ve been trying to exercise in order to lose weight and be able to flex. For those who don’t know this embarrassing fact, I cannot flex a muscle even if my life depended on it. There is too much fat over the muscle for me to flex, or so I’ve come to believe/understand. So I’ve been hopping on a bike, lacing up a pair of actual non-converse-or-vans rubber shoes and awkwardly jog-walking around my village. My dear friends I am so unhealthy and here’s me trying to fix it without vices, be proud.

Dating bears should come with a warning. “Caution: May give you this urge to eat more than you normally would and will guilt trip you if you skip meals”.

Did no exercise today though because the weather’s been wet. Fingers crossed that tomorrow yields a clearer sky.

Remil’s birthday happened a over a week ago and I forgot to post the last vids because I got lazy

Currently Remil is out-of-town being a bear and will not be around till Tuesday. Given that I have no idea what to put for his last two songs (because the playlist is very spontaneous) I’ll just make this temp post and edit it whenever I finally have those songs in mind. Until then, enjoy this printscreen of Remil and I in the midst of a Skype conversation from a previous month. Note that we’re turds.


Remil had this one screenshot wherein he looked terribly handsome. Of course I had to show this one instead because of the chat.


D-day is actually in less than an hour. Given that most of my finals are over and the term is closing and I will possibly drink myself happy tomorrow here’s a pretty cliche’ but (I believe) fitting song for The Playlist That Never Was. Non-specified category because it’s either very obvious or I’m just too chicken to mention which category this falls under.

This song is self-explanatory and I think it should speak for itself…that and I’m tired tonight. Ha ha.


“This Must Be the Place” – Talking Heads (1984)


Hai, Remil. Less than an hour now. Wheeeeee…


FOUR no wait THREE MORE DAYS TO GO…no wait I miscounted. TWO MORE DAYS actually

Due to thesis being a bitch I forgot to post a new video for the Playlist that Never Was. To make-up for it, here are two videos for the categories of   “Dear Fucker, here’s my music and may you think I’m awesome” and “Dear Fucker, here are some shit I think you’d get a kick out of” respectively. For those of you who keep tabs, I’m currently not tackling any considered love-songs because I’m doing that on the d-day itself to be all sentimental and gay like that. By the by, I realized that I counted the days wrong. I was a day late this entire time, so d-day is in two days. Damn me and my bad math.

“Cannonball” – The Breeders (1993)

“Transmission – Joy Division (1979)


Other runner-up artists include Nada Surf (esp. their song/spoken word poem “Popular) and The Pixies (probably something from Doolittle) and the Violent Femmes (either Blister in the Sun or Kiss Off).

So what makes these songs special? Well for one thing both songs can belong to either category and it wouldn’t matter because they both define what I love about music. Musical acts from the 70s and grungey/post-grunge sounds slay me all the goddamn time. What I like about Cannonball is the fact that the bass line is one of the most memorable bass lines I have ever encountered. In the same fashion as the Pixies, simple bass lines equal catchy equal memorable equal the perfect way to tie a song together. Also, The Breeders were one of these almost all-girl bands and you gotta love that. Joy Division is self-explanatory. I honestly could not deal with Remil saying he didn’t delve much into Joy Division (same goes for the Pixies) so here is one of their note-worthy songs from the infamous Peel Sessions. I think I also chose Joy Division in the end because of Curtis’ epileptic dancing which should resonate well with Remil since he listens to Talking Heads.

Two more days until d-day. Wa-hey.



For those of you who like/want to get into the Pixies, this entire acoustic session is a great listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml-EW8Ml7xY


Today’s video is brought to you by the category, “Dear Fucker, here are some shit I think you’d get a kick out of.”


“Burning” – The Whitest Boy Alive (2011) @ BeatFest


I quite honestly do not have any cool background story to this similar to the previous posts. I always found this category the hardest to fill up because Remil’s music tastes are pretty much covered in the stuff I didn’t even touch until late high school and early college. His high level as an internet dweller also makes me half-fearful that whatever I share is something he’s already passed by before. So yeah, this category was such a bitch to me.

Reasons why I think Remil would probably like The Whitest Boy Alive:

(1) for the superficial reason of their band name

(2) (German-Norwegian) indie pop funk sound

(3) my god just look at what they look like

(4) did I mention that the singer/lead guitarist is  Erlend Øye of Kings of Convenience?

(5) this performance of the same song at Berlin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-U-Otu-wBI&feature=related

I totally recommend listening to the album version of the song as well if not just downloading their album Dreams (2006) in its entirety and listening to it from start to end. Un-shuffled and on repeat for the best listening sound. I would honestly jizz if they made an entire live album of Dreams because their music just makes me want to sink into something and let my mind do all the dancing for me. So yeah. Indie pop, you can’t go wrong with that.

Five more days to go till d-day and I have a gross exam to try to ace. Dear Remil, I probably made you listen to The Whitest Boy Alive before but here’s me selling the band again because I’m stubborn like that.